License Plates

On the way home, while I was sitting in traffic, I noted the vehicle near me had one of those personalized license plates. You know the kind I am talking about. You have to sit there and try to figure out what it means. I kind of hate these plates for that reason alone. They make me feel a little like a dimwit.

So, this particular plate had the following letters on it: N8IVE So, I proceed to decipher it, right. But, I am getting hooked on the the last three letters sounding like the “hive” or “five” so I didn’t get it. It looked like something that was about a cat that had lost one its nine lives.

But, then, it dawned on me: Native! This appears obvious right? After I got over my humiliation, I started thinking about the message. This woman apparently is a “lifer” in the valley. I am not sure what she would think of me, this 3 1/2 monther. Again, I start to feel a little inferior and had to resist sticking my tongue out at her. Not very mature.

On the rest of the trip home, I saw two other personalized plates. I was happy to note that these were more obvious to me: LTHRGUY and AUSSOME. The first was on a truck driven by a guy whose company featured leather motorcycle stuff. The other was obviously driven by someone who saw life as awesome or himself as awesome or the world as awesome.

But, then I started to wonder why the “Awesome” dude didn’t just spell it that way and why the “Native” didn’t just spell it that way. I guess that would be way less cool and cryptic but it would be very clear to motorists like me.

So, I asked myself what I would put on my personalized license plate if I had one. Maybe I would put “DABOYZ” or “LUVMARY” or “MOVEOUTOFTHEWAYIAMINAHURRY.” The last one might be a bit too long. The point is that I think our license plate should represent what we really is important to us or something about who we are.

It is kind of like what Jesus talks about when he says that what comes out of mouth should represent what is in our hearts. Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. If we have grace and mercy in our hearts, it should come out in how we treat people. I guess that rules out sticking your tongue out at “natives” in Phoenix. Oh well!

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