I will admit it. I love the show “Lost.” It is one of the few shows that I actually have tried to keep up on. And, it has been 8 months or so since the last season ended. I was salivating last night as the new and last season began.

I even DVRd and watched the one hour preview special that was intended to catch viewers up on what has happened in the previous seasons. That was really helpful in getting my mind adjusted to “life on the island.”

Then came the two hour first episode of the season. I am already intrigued by the twists and turns of characters and plot lines. I am curious to see if by the end of the season if the plane actually ever crashed in the first place. If they were able to turn back time or if the Island is some kind of parallel universe.

Questions abound: Will Jack and Kate ever get connected again? Will she choose Sawyer? Who will actually come back from the dead? What will “real life” look like for them? What is up with the money Sun has in the suitcase and we he and Jin have a real marriage? Who’s the real villain; Charles Widmore, Jacob, Benjamin Linus, Richard, or the cloud that looks like Locke?

Many of my friends are not fans. Somewhere along the line “Lost” lost them. They couldn’t get back into it. That is how I feel about the shows “24” and “Heroes.” So, I get it when they tell me they haven’t become “Lost” fanatics.

The reason I like the show is that it takes a peek at real life hurts, emotions, and decisions and captures them in a unique way. It helps characters deal with choices. Are we controlled by our destiny or is there free will or what? Good questions!

The show is appropriately named not simply because the characters are lost in time and space. They are lost in terms of their identities. Who are they? What makes life meaningful? How do I move out of my pain to a real choice to live?

I know a ton of people that are asking these kinds of questions. I long to show them that they don’t have to be lost. They can be found! All, it takes is one major choice. Who will define me? Who will define you? I think its time to get off the island.

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