Party animal!

I went out to the Phoenix Open today, my first professional golf tournament. That sounds a bit misleading. I wasn’t playing, just watching. Just didn’t want to confuse you. Although I did play Tiger Woods golf on the Wii and was 15 under par the other day. Almost ready to join the tour. Just have to work on my sand shots!

So, today was quite an experience. The course was beautiful and immaculate condition. People were everywhere. I was told later that over 100,000 people showed up today and they thought they would exceed 180,000 tomorrow!

The famed 16th hole which is a par 3 built like a small football stadium sitting almost 20,000 people! Crazy atmosphere here for sure. If players missed the green on their tee shot, they were roundly booed. If they made a great shot, the people went nuts. It was a total party atmosphere!

I enjoyed seeing some of the top PGA players. My friend Dave and I tried to follow Phil Mickelson on the course for awhile but way too many people connecting with him. And yeah, we spent some time around the famous 16th hole.

I am pretty sure a whole bunch of people that showed up today were not golf fans but were there for the social atmosphere. Women were showing up decked out complete with high heels and some guys were dressed like they were going to a nightclub.

It is interesting to me how these kinds of sporting events can become such an attraction even for people who are not necessary sport’s fans. This tourny is not called the “Greatest show on grass” for nothing. People want to celebrate and are looking for places for that to happen. Unfortunately, some of those partying tonight are going to end up with some negative consequences as they make some lousy choices.

People want to party! We need to do a better job in “church world” to show them a God who is the God of celebration, of fun, of parties. Lots of people feel like Christ followers are boring. Honestly, at times they are right. Let’s get to work and find ways to show that we can “party hardy” with the best of them… and wake up without regrets!

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  1. Mona

    I love how you think!! I think that is why I love serving with the youth!! It is rarely boring. Ryan did a great job the other night and played "cosmic" wiffle ball!! It was a blast!! I love being able to give a holla on Sunday's during worship and maybe even moving to the grove!!

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