Alright, I want you to choose between the following pairings, at least in your mind if not on paper. If you want to send out your results, cool and groovy. Don’t be swayed (too much) by my occasional comments.

Paper or plastic (Paper is “greener” but plastic is easier. Depends on the mood!)

Coke or Pepsi (Coke tastes like battery acid but don’t let me try to convince you.)

Hand blowers or Paper towels (No brainer for most men I know… hand blowers take too long! What about those yucky cloth things that stay in the dispenser. Weird stuff!)

Tea or Coffee (I know I am in the minority on this one for sure… coffee smells good but the taste, ugh!)

Crushed ice or cubed ice (Coming from an ice chewer, I need it in smaller pieces but the cubed ice doesn’t water it down as much)

Football or Basketball (why pick?)

Cake or Pie (Again, why pick? As long as it has sugar, count me in. Favorite pie: French Silk pie Favorite cake: Banana)

Morning person or night owl? (I am usually one of those sick people that wakes up pretty happy and ready to roll. But, get me involved in a game and I can make it to at least to 10 p.m.)

Sweet or Salty? (Again sugar will always win out but give me a bucket of butter popcorn at a movie and I am a happy guy.)

Boxers or briefs? (None of your business… but I kind of like the combo)

Glasses or contacts (I wish I could wear contacts… stupid astigmatism!)

Rock or Country (Country and music does not go together!)

PC or MAC? (I am a recent convert to the MAC world. I am digging the apps.)

Ketchup or Mustard (I am a ketchup or Catsup guy. Why does this tomato stuff have two names by the way?)

So, all this represents a series of choices, right? They are based on our preferences. What do we prefer? Amazing how different we are from each other really. Even in a marriage, two people can have totally different responses to the list above and to a whole host of choices we make each day.

I think we need to appreciate those different tastes. Enjoy what you see in the other person and learn from those differences.

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