Sick and tired

Been sick all day today. Not a real fan of being sick. It kind of stinks. I am feeling a bit better right now but still pretty wiped out. I guess that is because my body has been fighting itself all day. Actually, more accurately, my good cells have been attacked by some bad cells (usually called germs) that really don’t belong. They weren’t invited.

It hasn’t been a great day except for the extra sleep I have gotten. That hasn’t been too bad. However, the brain isn’t functioning too well and the results have been a whole lot of inactivity and non productivity. But, some days you need to kick back and focus on yourself and your health. So that is what I have done. I have laid low and tried to just get well.

Sometimes that is the most you can do. I don’t always have to be “doing” stuff. Sometimes I need to just “be.” Important lesson!

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  1. Mona

    Praying for you to feel better soon!! Sometimes the best thing to do is just "be". Speedy recovery!!

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