Something about Mary

Coming out of the marriage retreat and trying to take it all in. I am constantly amazed after 28 1/2 years of marriage that I still have some things to learn. I guess I thought I would “get it” by now. But, this is not a class you can perfect; its a relationship that has to be lived.

I heard sometime ago that the cells of our Bible are constantly changing each and every day with cells dying and new cells being created. In other words, in about seven years or so we will be a totally different person.

Mary and I keep growing and changing in our personalities, our understanding of life, our participation in this world. I keep growing and changing. She keeps growing and changing. So, every day, in a sense there is a new person to get to know.

I will never completely master marriage. I will never become a “Mary expert.” I will still have some new things to learn. A relationship has to move forward to the next level or it grows stale. That is true of our relationships with God and with each other.

I have a whole lot to learn about begin a husband. But thankfully Mary is patient and forgiving. I am so fortunate that she chose me and I chose her. I am looking forward to the next 28 years!

Thanks babe for entering into this incredible journey. I look forward to getting to know you!

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