Stones dropping

Tiger Woods has broken his silence and has shared his “stuff” on national TV. No, he didn’t go into the gruesome details of his affairs. No, he didn’t cry on the podium. No, his comments weren’t spontaneous but were well scripted. No, Elin, his wife wasn’t there saying that they are definitely going to work it all out and be a happy couple once more.

In spite of the fact that he didn’t do everything the way some wanted him to do it, he took a step. He admitted he was wrong. He took total responsibility for his actions. He shared multiple times in 13 minutes that he was so sorry. He shared that he was in recovery for his problems.

Some will be skeptical. I get that. That is our nature to question, to doubt. I understand why some will think it is all just an act, that we still haven’t seen the “real deal.” They may be right. Maybe Tiger hasn’t completely come clean.

But, doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt. Don’t we need to cut him a break. And by the way, those of us who are hyper critical of his comments, have we never done something wrong? Are we blameless? Don’t forget the guys who brought the woman caught in adultery. Maybe its time we dropped our stones for a moment and consider our own navels.

I am hopeful for the guy and his wife. I am even hopeful that in his encounter with other people in recovery, he will come into contact with some genuine “Jesus people.” I am willing to give his some grace. That is the least we can do, especially since we have been grace recipients. Think about it!

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  1. Mona

    I love the story of the woman caught in adultery… I can only imagine the shame, embarrasement and other horrible things she must have felt being held in front of those men, her family and town… My favorite thought is how she must have felt when she started hearing the stones drop one at a time and the sound of those ready to stone her walking away. I pray for Tiger, his wife and their children. This is a horrible thing to have to go thru. I hope grace wins!! As for me I have to drop my stone for I am not without sin…

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