To blog or not to blog?

Alright, I took a break from blogging yesterday. I felt kind of guilty about it. I haven’t missed a day of blogging since I began back in October of last year. But, here’s the thing, I really didn’t have anything to say.

So, I would be blogging simply because of expectations. I would have written stuff just because someone out there in “blog world” might feel let down that I didn’t blog. That really doesn’t make sense for a whole bunch of reasons.

First of all, it was assuming that folks really couldn’t last a day without my few words of wisdom. It was if I thought people were out there in cyber world salivating for a few choice nuggets that I threw them every day. That is the height of audacity.

Secondly, it would have been less than my best stuff. I would have written stuff that might not have even been worth reading (it’s not like I haven’t done that before, right). Crazy right? Why write if you don’t have something to say?

And finally, I would have fallen into the worse of all traps; giving into my people-pleaser addiction. It was even based on the assumption that people would be “let down” if I didn’t write. Lies layered in lies!

So, here’s the thing. Don’t we do this kind of thing in other areas other than blogging? Do we do stuff because we want to others to be happy with us versus out of true motivations.

One true motivation would be we care for others and want to give something to them without strings attached. Another true motivation is a prompting of God. It is tricky stuff really.

It is so hard to differentiate, at least for someone like me in the people business and is an approval junkie. I have to get real honest with myself and determine the “why” behind my actions. And then, act. So, beware! More non-blogging days are in the future!


  1. Dorothy

    YIKES….take a break every now and then —-just not all the time because you're "words of wisdom" are so practical and always give us something to think about.

  2. Mona

    I can so get what you are saying!! It is almost such an addiction/habit for me. I know for me I always start my day with reading your words then doing my thing. Understand we all need a break and breaks are a good thing… Charge those batteries and take care of Jim!! You are missed when you take a break and that is a good thing (to be missed). Thanks again for all you do!!

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