Water! We all need it right? Without water, we cannot survive. So, we would probably all conclude that we need water; it is a good thing. But, I found out today that water can also be a bad thing.

My dad has had difficulty breathing the last few days. He has had shortness of breath, couldn’t speak before a whisper, has not been able to do his physical therapy, and feels extremely weak. In fact, it appeared until this morning like he wasn’t getting any better; in fact getting worse.

Then, this afternoon, a chest X-ray determined that he had fluid on his lungs. His heart apparently wasn’t strong enough to pump out the water, this liquid. So, today, they took l.2 liters out of one of his lungs. And, they plan on taking some more from the other lung tomorrow.

Amazingly, he immediately perked up. He started to speak more clearly. The color returned to his face. He was able to eat a full meal for dinner. He was even able to walk up and down his hall before bed.

Liquid. Water. Good thing most of the time. But, too much and we can drown in it. There has to be the right kind of balance. Balance applies to many more things that simply the water or the liquid we have in our bodies.

Are we off balance between work and play, between people time and alone time, between family and other stuff, between God and whatever! Find the balance and you will quench your thirst without drowning.

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