Coming Home

With my recent trip, I have come to realize that Phoenix really is my home. I really do miss it! Of course, part of the fact that I miss it is that my wife Mary is home while I am in Michigan. I really do look forward to being reunited with her!

But, that isn’t all of it. And it isn’t the weather. In fact, the weather here has been sunny and mild; not bad at all. I really look forward to being back in the desert again.

I was told before moving to Phoenix that people either love it or hate it, that there is little in between. Well, being away from “my” home has proven to me that I am in the former category. I have fallen in love with Phoenix, the terrain, the desert, the people, the church, the life, our neighborhood.

I guess “home” is really more about the people in our lives. When people get under our skin (in a good way), we begin to connect in ways that solidify our sense of home. Sure I miss my kids and my family but Mary and I have made a new home. We are entangled with the lives of people from our church, from our community, from the valley!

It will be good to be home!

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