Divine coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidences or is God working even in every day occasions?  Is it possible that all those things that seem to occur in some sort of random sameness are really God working behind the scenes?

Case in point:  I decided at the last minute this morning to go play some golf.  I didn’t have anyone to call to play with me, so I took pot luck and just called the course and was assigned to a a group of three players to form a foursome.

When I met one of the guys, we looked familiar to each other.   He thought we had played golf together sometime before today. Eventually, we realized why we recognized each other.  We had met at our church!  Wow!  We had a great conversation  today and got an opportunity to get to know each other.  Coincidence or God appointment? It seems plain to me.

Second case:  My wife Mary has been working for a different agencies as a nurse.  She has been in many different offices. Last week, she was talking with another nurse who had lived in Ohio in a town just outside of Cincinnati.  It was the same town our daughter-in-law’s parents live in.

Not only did she know Bethany’s dad, she also revealed that she had gone to nursing school with him.  Wow!  Then, this same woman said that she was looking for a church and would consider ours.  Coincidence or God appointment?  I think you get the point.

I believe that so many of the so-called coincidences are really divine appointments.  God is working in small and big ways we can’t see!


  1. Mona

    My mom used to say that there is no such thing as luck or coincidences if you are a chirstian… I think you are right on when you call them “God Appointments”! She used to call them “Divine Interventions”. Thanks for bringing the memory of that up. I miss her so much and she had so much wisdom that I wished I could have soaked up more… One more saying of hers that I thought was awesome…. TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!!

  2. Lauren

    I think our lives change radically when we look at our world in this way. That God is truly present in all the ins-and-outs of our everyday lives. He cares enough about us to orchestrate incredible moments. We have an amazing God.

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