Getting younger

I spent the afternoon with many of our staff at an amusement park. What a blast! We had a great time on bumper boats, racing go carts, playing miniature golf. Generally, we just kicked back and had some great time enjoying each other and the sun.

One of our staff brought her two boys. I really had a blast with them. They had a whole bunch of energy and I fed off of that. It reminded me how much fun it is to hang out with kids!

Watching these two boys go after me and try to push my bumper boat under the waterfall, I saw the wonder, the mischievousness, the carefree attitude, the hope, the laughter that make kids an incredible example.

I want to be like that more often. I want to take myself a little less seriously. I want to squeeze the maximum out of life. I want to dive into life with abandonment. I want to be more like a kid in the things that matter most.

Thanks Hunter and Zach!

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