HIdden treasures

There are few things in life better than hanging with my wife, whenever, wherever, however. We can be simply sitting down munching on some popcorn, watching a movie and snuggling under a blanket.

I love the simple interactions with my lady. It could be short conversations or deep discussions. We could be sitting quietly working on our individual computers or playing a game or sharing a meal. Just so we are together!

I think that we tend to take the people who are closest to us for granted. We get to a point that we see these folks like they are common instead of extraordinary. We forget how special and unique they are in the sameness of every day.

We stop talking to each other and start to make assumptions. We tend to believe that we have each other figured out. We only half way listen to each other. We stop asking questions and hanging on every word. What happened to the wonder? What happened to the fluttery stomachs and the sweaty palms when we saw that certain someone?

So, what can we do about it? I think the key is to remember that we all keep changing and growing. So, there are new things to explore each day in that person sitting next to us. We must see each other as hidden treasures to be mined. If we can somehow remember that, we can somehow keep the mystery in our relationships.

By the way, its time to get back to that lovely woman that I have been blessed to know each day. She still has a bunch of new things for me to learn. Its time to find out some more!

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