Tired? You bet I am! Why? Good question. I haven’t really been doing too much of anything. I have been sitting and waiting with my dad as he is rehabbing from his surgeries. He is still trying to regain his energy. He doesn’t even have a whole lot of strength yet to talk a bunch.

Inactivity can be exhausting. Maybe it is the fact that I am spending a whole lot of emotional energy. Its tough for me to see him in this less than ideal situation. I am not sure but I think that this is part of it.

I think the other part is that I am used to a whole lot more physical activity. It makes sense I guess. It appears that I am more tired when I do less. Our bodies need activity. In fact, they crave exercise. Exercise builds muscle. Muscles need to be worked to become effective.

Sure, you will be tired after a work out. But, it is a different type of tired. It is a healthy tired. That is why we are trying to help dad get moving again as soon as possible. We know that the sooner he gets moving, the better off his body will be; the healthier he will be; the sooner he will get well.

Laying in bed can actually be unhealthy for us. Sitting around saps our strength. We grow weary and listless and spent. That is why depression is so devastating. It not only effects our emotions but also our physical well being.

That is why when we have a healthy amount of activity, we not only help our bodies but our minds as well. Endorphins fire. Our thinking becomes clearer. Our outlook becomes brighter.

So, my encouragement to all of us is this: Get moving! Sleep will come either way. What kind of sleep do you want?

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