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I spent my third day in the hospital with my father and step mom and it has continued to be an eye opening experience for me.

First of all, I have ridden the roller coaster of the diagnosis twists and turns. We first thought we would be moving my dad to a rehab center yesterday until we found out when he had a chest X-ray that he had water on his lungs.

So, yesterday and today we have been waiting for dad to have 1.8 liters of water removed from both lungs. All the other plans were put on hold as we waited for the “all clear” signal.

Secondly, I have recognized that the problem with specialties in medicine is that they have a variety of priorities and they don’t often communicate well with each other.

The speech therapist wants dad to drink more and the guy who removed his colon wants him to be cautious with how much he drinks. I have watched a Nurse Assistant take my dad’s vitals while ten minutes later the RN came in and took them again.

Thirdly, waiting with someone in the hospital is an art. It takes a whole lot of patience as well as a sense of being content during long moments of silence. There is a rhythm that has to develop to survive the monotony.

Fourthly, there is this kind of community that exists at “hospital world.” It really does feel like a world of its own with nurses, docs, assistants, cooks and servers, guys who move people from place to place, long term patients, and others who begin to really connect with each other. It really is a community that begins to care for each other.

There is always something we can learn from any environment and any experience if we are willing and open! What did you learn today?

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  1. Mona

    Reading your post reminds me why I try and never pray for patience!! So glad you are there to be with your family.

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