Magical connections

Mary and I went to an event tonight at our church that was an Anderson University (AU) alumni event.  The significance for us is that AU (then Anderson College) was where we graduated from college.

Our son Josh met his wife there and both graduated from there.  Our daughter Mindy attends there with her finance and they will graduate next year.  Our daughter Jessica only attended at AU for one year, enough time to acquire some debt.  Love won out over school and she left school to marry Chris.

The significance of the school doesn’t end there.  My brother and two sisters all graduated from AU.  All three met their spouses there. I have had three nieces graduate from AU and one nephew.  Two of them met their spouses there.  I had three cousins that graduated from AU.  I have had several other friends and a few other family members graduate from AU.

Since it is associated with our denomination, I have been on that campus since I was a small boy.  I even taught some classes as an adjunct professor as an adult.  I have lived in Anderson, the town that is the home of AU for 9 1/2 years of my adult years not including the college years.   I have some of my best and truest friends who went to school at AU.

You probably get the picture.  I am undeniably tied to this place in Indiana.  But, still the most indelibly printed part of this magical place is that I met my best friend, my one true love there.   All of those cool connections, including my calling into ministry, will not stand up to that incredible thing that Mary and I both chose to go to this school.

On this small, 2200 person campus, we met each other and she fell head over heels in love with me.  OK, the truth is I was blown away by her and somehow convinced her to give me a shot.  So, thanks AU!  You created some great moments but none better than helping me meet that brown eyed, brown haired, freckled face, gorgeous woman named Mary!  Cool!

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