Magnificent minds!

I am still amazed by the incredible world we live in! For example, I woke up this morning in Phoenix and I going to sleep tonight in Michigan. Crazy stuff! What incredible technology that has been developed and refined to allow me to get in a heavier than air machine and travel half way across the US in a matter of hours.

I listened to tunes today on the plane that were downloaded from said Internet and conveyed into a tiny little machine that holds thousands of songs and can be held in my palm. I watched a video on the plane that was put on a tiny little CD that I can rent for a buck from a red little box I can find on the corner.

Once I arrived in Grand Rapids, I jumped in another highly combustible machine that can travel a minimum of a mile of minute (I can do a little bit better than that… even legally!) and I am currently sitting in a home which features a furnace regulated by a small little thermostat providing heat in this 30 degree climate.

And now, I have the opportunity to connect with you wherever you are by the power of the World Wide Web in a matter of seconds as soon as I click a little button!

But the truly amazing thing about all of this is that God created us with this incredible capacity to imagine, to invent, to create, to develop! God is the ultimate mover in all these crazy advances we have made in this world. He is the key! Our minds are so complex. He made us with amazing potential!

As I flew through the clouds today and saw His magnificence, I was convinced!

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  1. Dorothy

    God is, indeed, all around us. There have been several beautiful rainbows in the area the past few weeks. Talk about amazing! Yet another example of a creator who surrounds us with examples of His power.

    We're praying for your dad and your whole family.

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