More than a lamb dinner

I just returned from an incredible Passover Seder experience at our church. I am amazed once more by how much more meaning I discover when I am given information about Jesus and how he added a new dimension to the Jewish practice surrounding the Passover.

I am blown away by how many different ways he fulfilled prophecies. This was so cool learning more about the Jewish Passover and being reminded that it is also “my” Passover. We also had some pretty awesome food!

There was a time in my life when I would simply ignore the Old Testament other than the Psalms and when I was younger the Song of Solomon. What teenage church boy could resist that book!

I have learned how much deeper my walk has become as I have uncovered more and more about the OT and its rich connection with the NT. Jesus connected the dots from the Hebrew culture, stories, and characters with his plan to change our lives forever.

Everything in the Bible points to Jesus, both the stuff that occurred before he hit the planet and the stuff after he died and rose again. I am learning to appreciate my Jewish/Christian heritage. The combination is a potent combination!

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