One day at a time!

I just returned from spending all day at the hospital with my dad and my step mom and I am totally beat. I am not sure what tired me the most. It could be the routine of the hospital that is a bit hard to figure with all the comings and goings of cardiac docs, internal medicine docs, nurses, speech therapist, occupational therapists, physical therapists, food specialists, etc, etc, etc;

Or, it could be feeling a bit helpless as I watch my dad try to recuperate from his congestive heart failure, the fluid on his lungs, his colon removal and ileostomy.

It could be jet lag, seat fatigue, hospital food, or just plain tiredness. The point is that I am worn out and I have only been here one day!

I have been able to hear a bit more of my dad’s story. Last week, before the colon surgery, my dad was about eight hours from death. I began to realize how easy it is to take some small things… like life… for granted!

I found out that before my father’s heart attack on Saturday, January 2, he was preparing a message for that first Sunday of the year. My dad is a pastor. Interestingly enough, he was speaking on the topic, “Living one day at a time.” Funny how sometimes life throws us an immediate real life example. Our family is learning the message he was about to speak.

I am super thankful to God that I have the chance to have my dad in my life… one day at a time!

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  1. Dorothy

    Glad you are able to be with your dad and the rest of your family right now….while we will miss having you here take "one day at a time" to be with your family.

    As long as you didn't eat pizza before handling this weeks D.V.D. we will manage to make it through tonight's class. I'm also sure Ryan will do a good job on Sunday…..YOUR JOB is to be with your dad!

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