Alright, so I stayed up the other night and actually watched the Oscars. I came away with a conviction: Actors are strange people. Actually, it was pretty entertaining. I liked the co-hosts and their humor, for the most part. I enjoyed the varieties of acceptance speeches. I enjoyed the incredible dancing during the movie introductions.

By the end of the show, I had a burning question: how were the winners actually chosen? What were the criteria? Was it popularity? Was there some special formula? Did they win because they were sentimental favorites? Was politics involved at all?

Not sure I have any answers. It seems a little weird how it all works. For instance, what was the reason for the choice of best picture. It must not be based solely on popularity since the highest grossest movie of all time didn’t win. I can’t say which was the best since I didn’t see all of the ten and even if I did, my opinion would be solely my opinion.

I guess that’s the answer really. Everyone who had a vote had an opinion regardless of what they based that on. It could have been something that connected with them about the movie; it could have been being influenced by others; it could have been bad pizza. Who knows? Regardless, it is his or her opinion and each individual has a right to it.

Subjectivity versus objectivity. Would you rather have a decision based on objective stuff or subjective stuff. Here is what I have learned. When it comes to my worth, I want to base it on objective data.

The only objective data when it comes to who I am is God. If it was based on my own opinion for instance it could change based on how I felt that day, influence from others, or even bad pizza.

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