Orange trees

Mary and I went out to one of our favorite places:  Home Depot!  I know, it sounds tremendously romantic right?  In reality, it was kinda, since I was honoring her request to go check out some possible plants.

She was interested in some desert plants like red yuccas but I had my mind set on a citrus tree.  So, we got both.  I am pretty excited about picking my own oranges off my own little dwarf tree.  It makes me feel almost like my own little farmer.  I know, I know it is only one little tree, but don’t spoil my fantasy.

There is something about planting stuff that is pretty cool!  I think it goes back to some kind of latent horticulture from our ancestors.  Digging in the dirt and watching something you put there sprout and flourish.

I think it is the same thing I feel when I invest in the lives of people.  I feel this sense of accomplishment when I see them begin to “get it.”  It feels rewarding that I had some small part to play in their discoveries.

I think God wants to “plant” good things in the hearts of others.  And for some reason, He chooses to use us to make it happen.  I won’t cause the orange tree to grow but I definitely have a hand in it.  Anyone for some orange juice?

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