Today, I had a day off!  It was incredible!  I started out at the dentist’s office getting three fillings.  OK, that part wasn’t so great. But, then I headed toward Paradise Cafe to get a muffin and a drink and spend a little down time reading a novel.  Extremely relaxing and a bit unusual.  I don’t spend a bunch of time just kicking back.  I need more mornings like that.

Later, in the afternoon, I went golfing with a couple of the friends.  What a beautiful day outside!  It was cool connecting with friends. I had one really memorable hole that made the forgettable holes a bit more bearable.

In between reading and golf, I did something that may surprise folks.  In fact, it was something that surprises me a bit.  I went shopping.  I know that doesn’t sound very manly.  I actually was shopping for my wife.  She hardly ever buys clothes for herself so I decided to help her out.

Have you ever been in the women’s section at a department store.  It is so confusing.  There are so many different departments from Misses to Plus Sizes to Petites to Juniors.  And then, there are so many different types of clothes within those departments. It is a total maze.

Men’s wear is so simple and uncomplicated.  I wandered around for an hour trying to find the right style and size. This task was made tougher by the fact that I was not absolutely sure what size or style was totally right.  I was worn down by the effort.

So, I found five items, shirts and Capri’s, that looked good to me and purchased them.  I figured I would buy that many clothing items assuming that one or two would work.  She could return the ones that didn’t. I would really not be spending that much money.

There were several options that could happen at this point:

A.  The items wouldn’t fit right;  B. She wouldn’t like them;  C. They would fit right but she wouldn’t like them;  D. She would like them but they wouldn’t look right on her; E. She would like them all and they would all fit right.  Fat chance of number five happening since obviously I am an amateur when it comes to shopping.

I figured if one of the clothing items I bought worked, it would have been a successful venture into the jungle of women’s fashion.  I was betting for 2 out of 5.

Getting clothes that fit right and look right at the right price is a science.  It kind of reminds me of life; getting all of those “fits” in our life that are most important is challenging. We have to search for the right people, the right relationships, the right connections.  It takes a lot of work!  But, when it all comes together, it is a beautiful thing.

By the way, they all fit and she liked them all!  Can you believe it?

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