Time with Dad

I was sitting out on our balcony tonight trying to unwind and let my mind go.  I had come off a long day: First, I enjoyed this great kid’s carnival at our church.  Then, I played a little softball (emphasize “little” since I didn’t play very well.)

Finally, I spent some time working on the final touches on my message at church, struggling with finding peace in what I am supposed to share.  So, maybe not so final touches.  Who knows?

So, I am hanging out on the balcony looking for some extra inspiration.  I happen to notice some kids play with their dad in the green space behind our house.

One of the kids, the younger son, was rolling down the hill head over foot, with the cry, “Look at me daddy.”  Not to be outdone, the little girl starts to do cartwheels down the hill with the similar exclamation, “Watch me daddy.”

The boy counters by getting closer to his daddy and trying again.  And then, they began to play Frisbee with their dad.

All of this activity was for one purpose:  to simply play with daddy, to be able to get dad’s attention.  This daddy had to try to give both of his kids equal attention:  a tough task.

The cool thing about our “heavenly daddy” is that he can easily give us equal attention. In fact, he can’t wait to play with us.  He loves to hang out with us, to dance with us, to wrestle with us, to enjoy us!  Pretty cool, right?

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