OK, so we made the move from “hospital world” to “rehab world” today. This is very nice rehab center that focuses on getting people ready for the transition from hospital to home.

It really is a pretty cool place that looks a lot like a retreat center. It is not like a nursing home at all since its focus is on short term care.

I am intrigued by how this will work for my dad. I am hopeful that this will get he and Dorothy (his wife) ready for the next part of their journey post colon surgery, post heart attack.

Transitions. They are tough. There is this reality check that occurs somewhere in the process where you have to decide to walk through the change. You can either allow the snow ball to roll over you or you can make snow angels. Does that make sense?

If it doesn’t, let me try to explain. By definition, transition involves the period between two different states of being. I can still remember the transition phase that occurred with my wife Mary when she was birthing our kids. It wasn’t a whole lot of fun! When I was a kid moving to a new city, a new home, was also pretty tough!

My dad and Dorothy are going through a tough transition. How they handle the transition phase will determine how their new life situation will flow. That goes for all of us in terms of how we handle the varieties of transitions of our lives.

How will we handle the transition period? It may be a difficult time but facing those difficulties head on will determine our future. Grab hold of the transition and let it be a time of growth, a time of strength. The bull will try to buck you off but it won’t kill you unless you jump under it. Keep riding! Things will become clear on the other side.

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  1. Mona

    Praying for your dad and Dorothy… Exactly what I needed to hear this morning! Thanks :)

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