Ups and downs

It’s here finally! Four days of nonstop basketball! Wild and crazy time! Already there has been three overtime game and multiple upsets. You gotta love college basketball!

There is such a ebb and flow of momentum in these games. One minute it looks like a team has lost it for sure and the next minute there is a burst of life from said “dead” team. A team can look unstoppable for a half and then fade at the finish.

Unfortunately all this spells a completely disrupted bracket. What we thought would happen on paper has been totally detoured. Ever had that happen in real life? You thought you had it figured out and then something happened totally unexpected? Maybe you finished having kids and yet had a nice “surprise.”

Or, perhaps you had an unexpected medical emergency or your vehicle broke down. Or, on the other side of the coin, you may have received some money you didn’t know was coming or your kids took you out to dinner.

Life has its ups and downs and things can change in an instant. No matter what the “paper” may say, unpredictable stuff happens. I think the key is… keep on living! Don’t give up, keep on chugging, and be ready to learn from it all.

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  1. Dorothy

    basketball tourney time is definitely a bit like life….excitement, drama, laughter and tears….lots of unexpected outcomes, some awesome surprises (depending on who you are rooting for) and some very sad losses….add in that there are a lot of "unfair" calls and that is pretty much a snapshot of what life often holds. If you have coached (or been married to a coach) you know that win or lose you wake up in the morning and are back to preparing for the next game—whether that game is a day away or it won't happen until the next year. Not always easy for some of us to do BUT it's the mindset we all need…..

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