An amazing thing happened last night.  Mary watched the finals of the NCAA College Basketball tournament with me.  I know, can you believe it. She doesn’t exactly dig basketball.

It was not only that she watched the game but she was really into it.  She got behind the underdog, Butler University, and was really cheering them on.  She felt bad as the minutes ticked by and it looked like they would come out on the short end of the stick.

She was more intense than me!  Crazy stuff!  The end of the game was dramatic too.  It really is a game of inches.  The final play would have won the game for Butler and was almost good.  But, Butler went home in second place.  Not bad but not what they were hoping for.

How much in life is almost good?  I wonder if we are almost getting it.  How do we feel when we are almost there?  Almost anything doesn’t feel quite right; it’s not quite there.  It’s almost.  But, that isn’t enough, is it? An almost relationship isn’t enough, is it?  How about almost connecting with God?  Almost isn’t it!

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