Coming home

Home!  Feels good to be home!  I just returned from a trip to KC and am so glad to be home again.  As our plane took its final approach into the airport in Phoenix, I had this stirring inside.  I saw the mountains and the desert and my heart did flip flops.

As I retrieved my car from long term parking and headed north on I-17, I once again anticipated getting home.  I saw familiar landmarks that only six short months ago would have been totally foreign to me.  I gazed at the sun setting in the west and the desert landscaping and felt a serenity.

Of course part of my anticipation was being reunited with my wife Mary.  But, there was also a lump in my throat as I realized how much I missed the people of our church and the community.  I was only gone for four days but I still was so ready to be here!

It blows me away how quickly a place can get under my skin.  I am amazed really how attached I am to Phoenix.  I think the key is the vision God has given me for this place.  I understand that tough challenges ahead but I am also so ready for our church to become a beacon of hope.  I think huge things are coming and I can’t wait to experience it all!

I know that home is an important concept.  Some people don’t know what it feels like to “be home” or to “feel home.”  I think our faith community has a chance to help people get this personally.  We have an opportunity not only to find home ourselves but to extend home to others.  I am home!  Now, its time to help others find home too!

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  1. Mona

    Well you were missed although Ryan did a great job. I know exactly how you feel about this desert we call home, it truly is a great feeling to feel like this. It took me alittle longer than 6 months to love it like you have warmed up to it. I must tell you that I get the same feeling every time I turn onto the property at North Hills. That long driveway and the excitement to see my “family”. It truly is a wonderful place and I am so glad that you and Mary are here!! Thanks!

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