Deep roots

I killed a tree today!  That’s right, I did it.  I am guilty.  Maybe, I should explain.  In our backyard is a tree that my wife didn’t like. She thought it was ugly.  It also was leaning big time.

So, I cut it down!  that was the easy part.  The tough part was digging up the root system.  It took quite awhile.  I had to grab my handy, dandy shovel and prod and pry and dig and dig some more.  It took a bunch of sweat and effort.

The roots of this tree (not really sure what kind it was) were extensive.  They were twisted and mangled and crept and crawled deep into the earth seeking nourishment.  If you are planted in the desert, you have to go deep!

In the same way, if you want to resist life’s “deserts,” you have to go deep.  You have to seek nourishment.  You have to be very intentional.  You can’t give up!

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