Easter Rocks!

Our first Easter in Phoenix has been just short of fantastic!  It was awesome this morning as many of us gathered together for an early morning “sun’s up” outdoor worship time.  Then, we had another great time as we gathered for our celebration of the resurrected Jesus.  Many new decisions to follow Christ!  Awesome!!

On Friday, we had a great time at a Good Friday Service.  I had a brilliant idea that we should use a live goat to explain the concept of Jesus being our scape goat.  Sounds good, right?

Everything is going great until I get close to the goat and I must have scared him (His name is Little dude).  The goat proceeded to “let loose” of whatever was in his body.  Little pellets and fluid was everywhere.  Needless to say, the place erupted with laughter.  Of course, I was trying to set up a slightly different emotional reaction.

In spite of this temporary set back, it was still a very successful illustration.  People seemed to get it.  Jesus took our place!  He paid our penalty.  He gave us a chance to be freed from death.  He gave us life to the full!  Happy Easter!!

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  1. Dorothy Shields

    It was an awesome Easter service!!! Sure wish Don and I had been able to be at the Good Friday service. It’s been fun “visualizing” what happened!

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