I am in KC for some meetings with a mission’s group that is focused on work in China (Project Partner.)  We have heard stories of some of the awesome things that are happening.   Men and women in this huge country are making tremendous differences as hearts are changed and communities are transformed.

Tonight, the folks I am staying with invited a few couples over for some brats and polish hot dogs, some Boccie ball and lots of laughter.  These are mutual friends that have been a part of a church where I served for several years.

Old friends are pretty cool!  There is something special about reconnecting with people who have been part of your life for a few years.  You don’t experience any of those awkward moments.  It is as if you had just seen each other yesterday.  Conversations seem to naturally flow.

I think the reason this happens is because of the experiences we have been through together.  We faced some tough times and some good times.  We supported each other when our kids were driving us nuts and we wanted to “kill them.”  We hugged each other when we were hurt or broken by life circumstances.

We have in our easily accessed memory banks times at softball tournaments, small groups, parties, and trips.  We cried with each other and we laughed with each other.  It is as if we have been to war with each other and through that experience, we have bonded.  Family has formed!

It feels good to be together and simply enjoy each other’s presence.  It feels right.  It feels natural.  It feels good.  I guess it reminds me to treasure these relationships and to work hard to stay connected regardless of the distance.  The distance is artificial and only has the power I give to it.  It takes intentionality.  But, the rewards are worth it.

So, thanks, KC buds!  Thanks for a great night!  But, more than that, thanks for just being you!

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