Good Friday and Golf

It’s Good Friday and I want to share a lesson I picked up from golf.  I know those two things don’t seem to go together.  But, stay with me and I will try to explain why it makes sense.

I was on the course with some friends a few days ago and they really encouraged me to be more aggressive than I would have been on my own.  We were playing a hole that was fairly long, the most difficult hole on the course.  I had hit a good drive and was about 210-220 yards away from the hole.  For those of you who understand golf, it was a par 5.

The problem was that there was a significant lake between the green and where my ball lay.  To go for the green, it would require that I fly the ball all the way over the water.  The safe play was to lay up or in other words to hit a shorter club up the fairway and then approach the green with a short third shot.

If I played it safe, I could still make par on that hole.  That is a good thing.  That would be the smart thing.  If I went for it, there was a chance I wouldn’t make it across let alone get the ball on the green.  The guys were of course challenging (daring) me to go for it.  In fact, three of us were in similar position and it was kind of a pact thing.  Would we all go for it?

I am not sure why  I finally decided to go for it.  Perhaps, it was the whole “saving face”  with “da boys” or maybe I just love a challenge.  Regardless, I picked up one of my longest clubs in the bag and hit a pure shot.  It rolled up on the green and I two putted for a birdie.  Nice!

So, what does this have to do with Good Friday?  Jesus never “laid up.”  He went for broke always.  And this culminated with the cross.  He went for it when it would have been understandable for Him to take the safe route.  Thankfully, he gave his all!

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