Happily married

So, I am convinced after eight days away from my wife that I am not the “single guy” type.  I did pretty well, didn’t burn the house down, didn’t kill the plants, and didn’t make a humongous mess.  I ate decent food, worked hard, and wasn’t a social leper. But, it still wasn’t the same without her here with me.

And it’s not just the fact that I am definitely the “married guy” type.  It’s this specific woman that I need in my life.  I know its kind of corny but she completes me.  She adds a dimension to my life that nothing and no one else can.  I miss our conversations, I miss her quirkiness, I miss her laughter, and I miss snuggling with her at night.

I even miss it when she sits on the other side of the room reading email or face book on her computer while I am blogging on mine.  That is real togetherness!

She is unique!  She is special!  She is beautiful!  I am glad she’s back. I think the plants are happy too, but I can’t be sure.  They did give me the silent treatment this last week. Might be a clue.

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