I am “batching” it for the next eight days.  What that means is that my “honey” is out of town.  It certainly feels different when she is gone.  I am not the same guy.  I feel somewhat incomplete.

That doesn’t mean that I am not able to function; far from it.  I am able to basic functions like… heating water!  I can make a mean can of soup!  Alright, I can do more than that.  I can cook “anything” on the grill so I will survive.  I know how to do my own laundry, wash dishes, and a variety of other household duties (I don’t clean toilets or dust but hopefully she will return before that is necessary.)

It also doesn’t mean that I am not a significant person without Mary.  I am an OK guy who has gifts and abilities.  I think I am actually a lot of fun, at least more fun than a rock (although, if the rock has some moss growing on it, well that might be a different matter.)  I have deep feelings for others and have a great deal of compassion.  I am a good friend.

It also doesn’t mean that I couldn’t live without her. I can’t imagine my life without her, to be sure!  She lights up the room when she walks into it.  She had added so much to my life.   I could live but life wouldn’t be as rich or full.  We have been together for nearly 29 years.  She brings me joy!  I know she is a gift from God to me!

There is a special word that describes my relationship with Mary.  It is between the two extremes of overly dependent and totally independent.  It is called “interdependency.”  It is a healthy dependency that allows the two of us still to be two individuals.  We are joined in a unique way; she often finishes my sentences.  And yet, we have our own interests and passions.  We are two different people who are growing and moving forward.  Each day is a new day to discover more about each other.

We definitely need each other!  And, I will definitely miss her!  But, I will make it… at least for eight days.  (Babe, hurry home!)

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