Love’s law

This morning I went downtown to the Governor’s prayer breakfast.  It was a good opportunity to support our elected officials. The best support they can get from us is prayer.  They have some incredibly tough decisions to make.

The Governor for instance currently has some anti-immigration legislation on her desk.  I am new to Arizona and how things work.  I don’t know all the history.  I do know that if this is passed it can mean some really bad stuff for some people who are neighbors and friends.  I am real hopeful for some truly fair and compassionate immigration reform.  So, I am praying for her.

I am sure there are multiple layers to decisions like this.  Decisions that seem easy to me I am sure are not as simple as I think they should be.  Decisions rarely are.  I know, I am in the decision making business too.  I am not making the same kinds of decisions government officials have to make but they still have significant implications.

How do we make tough decisions?  I know that there are different criteria politicians use, different laws they apply, different laws they pass.  I also know that I am supposed to make decisions as a Christ follower based on one basic law:  the law of love. If I truly live by this law, it will guide everything I do.

What if we all really lived by this law?  I don’t think we would have need for any others.

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