Jump In!

We have some friends visiting us from KC.  It really feels good introducing them to our new city, to our new friends, to our new church, to our new home.  We get a real kick out of proudly getting to show them Phoenix, a place with which we have quickly fallen in love.

It amazes me how much I love it here.  Having John and Cathie here with us reemphasizes this fact.  I am like a father who is showing off his kids, “Did you see how well she did?”  “Did you hear him?  That’s my boy!”

It is really cool how much fun it is to be here!  I never saw myself as a Southwestern guy.  I was born and raised as a child in the deep south, went through my teen years in the hills of West Virginia, and spent my adult years in the Midwest mainly Indiana and Kansas.

I didn’t see myself as a person who would flourish in the desert living just a few hours from the Pacific Ocean.  It is a reminder to me of how God’s hand has been so evident, working behind the scenes, leading us to unique opportunities.

I know that God is never far from us.  He has an adventure in mind.  He has an idea to unveil.  He has a world to explore.  Don’t be afraid to embrace it, to go get it!  There is something amazing around the corner.  Don’t let fear rip you off!  Jump in with both feet.  The water is awesome!

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