Master planning

I took a bike ride this evening.  It was a brilliant end of the the day.  I could see the sun going down in the west and the moon rising in the east.  Crazy stuff.

I also saw families out playing baseball in the street, people walking dogs, a guy cleaning his car, kids riding bikes, and families playing in the park.  It was cool seeing all this great activity in our neighborhood.

Then, I rode over to a place where there had been a planned street, part of the master planning of the community.  Unfortunately, the plan had stalled.  It probably was related to the economy and its downward turn.  It was quite a contrast.  No homes, no kids, no families playing and laughing and connecting.

I did find empty lot after empty lot.  I did find a sewer system and even a multiple mailbox unit.  The only sound of life however was an old rubber baseball I found lying in the street.  Dreams unfulfilled.  Lives in limbo.  Plenty of quiet!

This is what I call potential unrealized. I had a sense riding through this empty neighborhood of what could have been, what still could be… someday.

It was a real symbol of some people I know.  God has something special planned for them.  But, they ignore it.  They fail to allow Him to open up the possibilities.  They are like an empty neighborhood… on the inside.  Dreams unfulfilled.  Plans put in a drawer.

Maybe its time to open up the drawer one more time and see what happens to the plan in the right hands.

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