What kind of food do you like the best?  I have to admit that I enjoy all kinds of foods from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Bottom line:  I like food a whole lot.

Today, that meant that I went after Asian cuisine.  I had some almond chicken, fried rice and noodles, an egg roll, and a fortune cookie.  The fortune read something like, “you are going to meet someone new who will give you a new opportunity.”  I am not sure who that new person was but I am pretty confident I had multiple opps today.  The goal is to seize the variety of life.  Food teaches us that.

I love pulled pork BBQ from Oklahoma Joes in Kansas City, pizza from Jet’s pizza in Michigan, Blackened Mahi Mahi in a little place off Singer Island, Florida, and roast and potatoes my mom would fix in an old roasting pan.

Most of those food options that are memorable have a whole lot to do with the people with whom I shared them.  As great the diversity of foods are, I am most excited about the cool people with whom I get to connect while chowing down.  God has given us all kinds of folks to know and love.  Food tastes better with the people.  Enjoy them both!

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  1. Mona

    I love how you think!! Food and people!! It is always amazing to me how some of my memories can flood back with those tastes. I can almost picture myself in an exact location or who was there just by a taste. Some are good some are not. One thing I absolutely hate is to eat alone :(

    Loved/hated your message on Sunday about “Perfect People” I know I sure needed to hear it!!

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