So, it’s Monday.  Monday is the beginning of a new week.  It should be a bright and wonderful day for us.  It holds the promise of newness.  What could happen?  Awesome possibilities.

And yet, many of us have Monday blahs.  The weekend is over.  It always ends much too soon.  It’s back to school or back to work; back to routine.  Bummer.

Mondays are the “segue” days.  Segue means “to move without interruption from one scene to the next.”  The only problem is that this movement is supposed to be smooth and uninterrupted.  Mondays are rarely smooth. They are full of interruptions.  They are full of all kinds of stuff, unpredictable and complicated.

Transitions like Mondays can be challenging.  Mondays are the beginning of something new.  Last week is done.  This week has begun.   That can either inspire us or scare the pants off of us or something in between.  But, the only way to embrace this new day is to take the first step.  Mondays don’t have to be a bummer… or at least not as bummerish as they sometimes are.

Look ahead not behind.  This week has something great waiting for us.  Grab it!

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