Not a peep out of you!

My wife and I totally agree in our tastes for Easter candy.  She loves peeps (shown in the pix below) and I absolutely cannot stand them.  I like Panned Marshmallow Eggs and she can’t stand them.  As you can see we totally agree… to disagree.  At least we are totally clear about our tastes.

But, when it comes to these candies we are on total opposite sides of the equation.  So, help me out.  Which of you are in my shoes and which are “peep squeeks.”  By no means am I trying to throw negative remarks at you if you choose the peeps.  You can destroy your body however you choose.  :)

It is kind of weird that we feel so strongly about these candies since both of them are made of marshmallow.  We both like marshmallow and love to cook ‘em, to make ‘em into s’mores, to pop ‘em in our mouths.  We like them in salads and in various kinds of desserts.

This is also how it is with the most important decision of our lives:  to ask Jesus into our lives as our Lord.  We all can experience his life giving power but it will look different from person to person how Jesus works in us.  Some of us are “peep like” followers and others of us are “panned marshmallow egg” types.

God ebbs and flows through us in different ways because we are all different.  He doesn’t make us into cookie cutter Christians. Pretty awesome!

By the way, my favs, the panned marshmallow eggs have about four times the amount of calories and sugar so I think that makes me the winner!  Right?

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  1. Mona

    Well as for Peeps vs Panned Marshmallow Eggs, I have to be honest I don’t care for Peeps and have never heard of Panned Marshmallow Eggs…. I say “BRING ON THE CHOCOLATE!”

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