Not my fault!

I found out today that I bought something I didn’t purchase.  Or, another way to put it, I was billed for something I didn’t authorize. Let me explain.

We have a credit card that we haven’t used for almost a year.  In fact, I think we have cut up the cards and have not been purchasing anything on the cards.  We had a computer virus protector we had purchased back in January of 2009.  We went to a different virus protector in April and canceled the other one.

Apparently, the former protector had some sort of automatic renewal on it.  So, in January of this year, it was charged on this credit card, the one we hadn’t used, like forever.  That could be an easy thing to fix if we actually knew about it.  We didn’t.  We hadn’t received a bill from the credit card company since the alleged purchase.

So, inadvertently, my wife discovered that she had been turned down for a bridal shop credit request (our youngest is getting married next year.  I know, I know, the least of my problems is this bogus purchase but …)

So, today, in talking with the credit card company, I discovered that this purchase had been made and that they had charged us several late fees.  The purchase was about $45 but now had ballooned to about $85.  Adding insult to injury, our credit rating had been negatively affected.

The credit card company finally (after a 30 minute conversation) put the purchase under dispute and promised that the accumulated late fees would be taken off along with the “bill” as soon as I contacted the virus protection company and told them what had happened.

So, I contacted said company and tried to get a refund (another 30 minute conversation.)_  The person I talked with first tried to get me a discount on the virus protector and when that didn’t work told me that I needed to have told them about the request for a refund within 30 days of the purchase.  I kept my cool as I reminded her that I did not know about the alleged purchase.  She told me that unfortunately that was their refund policy. (Are you getting tired yet… I know I am weary just reliving it.)

I asked for her supervisor and finally got the issue solved.  (Only after he first tried to see if I would like to transfer the virus protector program to a family member.)  Refund is on the way.  Not sure about the credit rating.

Ever feel like this in real life?  Ever felt like you are paying a bill, you didn’t authorize?  Maybe you were accused of something you didn’t do or someone took their frustration out on you even though it was someone else they were really mad at or maybe you are paying for stuff that happened way before you showed up on the scene.  Tough!  I know, I have felt it too.

Here’s the thing; these kinds of things are inevitable.  Our reactions are negotiable.  Determine to face it with a positive outlook. You are in good company after all.  The best people (hint: J.C.) paid the price for another person’s stuff.

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