Real fever!

Today, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I made it through the day; that is the key.  My head was heavy, my stomach was weak, my body was crying out for rest.  Not sure what was causing it.  But, as I write this tonight, I am ready to hit the sack.

There is a thing called Valley Fever.  Valley Fever is a lung infection. A fungus becomes airborne when dust around construction areas and agricultural areas is transported by the wind. When spores are inhaled, Valley Fever can result. The medical name for Valley Fever is coccidioidomycosis.

It is an ailment fairly common in the desert region of Phoenix.  Those who have sought treatment showed symptoms including fatigue, cough, chest pain, fever, rash, headache and joint aches.

I am confident what I am experiencing isn’t Valley Fever.  (At least, I think I don’t have it.)  It is just a touch of “something” and will soon dissipate.  (I hope.)  But, it sounds cooler to name it Valley Fever versus “something.”  I am not saying that I want the VF.  It can be pretty tough on some people.

But, I am saying that I hate these kinds of things that keep you from operating optimally and yet don’t take you out for the count. You feel kind of bad just saying “I don’t feel 100 %.”  I would rather be totally with it or totally out of it versus this kind of no man’s land.

I wonder if that was what John meant when he talks in his Revelation about this thing called “lukewarm.”  He said, “I wish you were either hot or cold.”  It is better to be on fire for God of course.  But, even the “sort of there” can be just as bad as total rejection.   Half hearted love for Him still ain’t good enough; might as well be Valley Fever.

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