Scorpions beware

Today, one of our friends came over to help us out.  Roberto happens to work as a pest control expert and he was there to help us get rid of potential pest issues.  I have heard about these critters out here in Phoenix, namely Black widow spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, roof rats, rattlesnakes and the like.  Honestly, these are critters I just assume not meet.

When we went to the back yard, we discovered something interesting.  There were three dead critters in our back yard already. Roberto hadn’t sprayed any of the poison yet.  I wasn’t sure what they were.  They looked like mice or chipmunks or kind of a hybrid.

Later, I found out that they were small prairie dogs.  Not sure how they died.  I don’t know if they wandered over our wall to find a convenient place to die.  I wonder if they were poisoned by someone else and just tried to escape.  Maybe they knew that we were about to spread poison and they wanted to make it easier for us and save us the trouble.  Who knows?

Back to the original reason for this blog.  Roberto was spreading this kind of poison inside and outside of the house to kill little bitty insects.  These insects are the food for these bigger varmints.  So, the key is to remove their food supply and they will go bug someone else.  So, in one move you can remove ants, little spiders, and other bitty bugs and the bigger dudes too!

This is also how it works with our lives and freedom from stuff that can harm our relationship with God.  We have to cut off the food supply. It is really little things that do us in.

If we cut off the supply of crud into our lives at its base level, we can kill these things at their source.  It starts with little thoughts that we fail to deal with.  They get a small foothold in our lives.  The footholds can lead to strongholds and all of a sudden “spiritual scorpions” are biting our ankles and spreading their poison.

So, we have to deal with the source of the crud.  We have to cut off the food supply!

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