Sleep time

How much sleep do we need?  I guess that depends on the person.  I think it may also depend on the quality of the sleep.  In other words, you may be in bed a long time and still not feel rested.  If you toss and turn a bunch, you may feel like you need more sleep.

On the other hand, you might sleep only a few hours and feel totally ready for the day.  How does that actually work?  I am not sure. There probably are some of you who might be able to tell me the physical reasons.  I do know that we gotta have some of it in order to survive.

We are way different in how we sleep.  So, take the survey to see where you fit:

Do you  count sheep, read, watch TV, or just close your eyes in order to get comfortable enough to fall into dreamland?  Do you sleep on your side, on your back, or on your tummy?  Do you need some noise, need total silence, need light music, or does it really not matter?

Do you want a ceiling fan, a blanket, an open window or nothing at all?  Do you snore, barely breathe, talk in your sleep, or calmly snooze?  Do you need alone time, prefer to snuggle, or sprawl all over the place?  Do you stay up late and get up early, do you go to bed early and get up late, or is it some combination?

So, there are tons of differences.  Basically, I think the real key to good sleep is how relaxed and at peace we are.  Is worry eating us up?  Or, are we ready to hit the pillow and let the day slip away?  Can we just let it all go?  The only way that is possible is if we trust God’s nature.  He is good!

I would say more but I think it’s time to hit the sack!  Hey, sweet dreams!!

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  1. Mona

    1. Watch TV to go to sleep.
    2. Side or stomach (Don’t understand how people sleep on thier backs.
    3. Noise no noise doesn’t matter to me… As long as I know where my kids are I can sleep…
    4. Have to have something covering my shoulders…

    Wait you really don’t want to know my sleep habits!! I am glad to say I never have trouble sleeping!! (Hopeully I won’t start now!)

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