Taking it to the streets!

Today, I had the privilege to attend a unique meeting of folks from the city of Phoenix.  These were all part of a consortium trying to make a difference in our neighborhoods.  It was hosted by a great ministry in the valley called Neighborhood Ministries who provide basic food and clothing among the poor.  They also help with health and dental needs, youth programs and much more.

They are led by a dynamic lady, Kit Danley, who has lived among the people of the community they are trying to reach.  Cool stuff!  I even love the scripture they have chosen as their marching orders:  … Repairers of broken walls and Restorers of streets (Isaiah 58:12)

This group was one of many people representing folks taking seriously their mission to the under-served, the marginalized, the poor, the homeless, and those facing injustice.  I was totally encouraged by their collective passion and their desire to connect with others with similar hearts.  I was just thankful to be in the same room with these pioneers!

The presenter this day was a guy working with an organization called Street Light.  Their goal is to help young ladies who have being sold through human trafficking.  They help young girls on the average of 13 years of age get out of the vicious prostitution trade.  That’s right 13 years of age!  Sounds like Cambodia or India or some other foreign land.  Except, this is happening right here in Phoenix.

They try to get these victims out of the clutches of men who are literally abusing them and get them to a safe house where they can get counseling, medical help, freedom and a fresh start. Their motto “Stop child rape for profit.”

Wow!  I was totally blown away by both the atrocities but also the incredible dedication of these folks.  (Check it out at www.streetlightphx.com.  Love the name “Street Light”)

I walked away from this morning feeling like I have new friends and new partners in our desire to change lives and transform our communities.  Look out Phoenix, there are people around you who are bringing hope!  Injustice is going down!

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