Disappointment!  It is something that we expect to happen and yet it goes a different direction.  Hope is unfulfilled.

I had that happen tonight.  I had planned on taking Mary, my wife to a special musical.  I had planned ahead and made it a surprise.  And it was a surprise… even to me.  The musical had the basic same name but was totally different than what I had seen before.  Talk about disappointment.

Ever been there?  Ever had that happen to you?  Many of you have faced more challenging things than this little disappointment. You may have felt betrayed. You may have felt let down.  You may have even felt beaten down.  But, whatever we are facing, it is not the end!  Good always wins eventually!

There will be other musicals.  And, I did have a great meal and watched a good musical (even if it wasn’t what I expected) with a woman that I am crazy about.  Maybe, it wasn’t as disappointing as I thought.

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