Today we went downtown to UMOMS.  It is an organization that works with those who are homeless trying to help them move from temporary housing to transitional housing to hopefully more permanent housing.  They also provide a domestic violence shelter and an emergency shelter for low income and homeless.

So, several of us from North Hills joined with some volunteers from a couple of rotary clubs to help the center lay some paver bricks providing for floors for a couple of courtyards.

So, I grabbed a shovel and a pick ax and I went to work.  After several hours of this hot, dry work, I was in a word, pooped!  I feel like I am pretty good shape but this is not my normal work.  I was drinking water like crazy but still lost energy like the sands through an hourglass.

As I sit here writing this later in the evening, I still feel depleted.  I haven’t recaptured what I lost, not by a long shot.  There is a proper balance to life.  If you fail to have the proper intake physically from your diet, sleep and other resources, you won’t be able to function for long.  Your body will scream “feed me!”

I think that is true for our emotional, spiritual and mental tanks as well.  Energy depletion can and will happen in all of these areas.  We can’t continue to give out without proper, regular intake.  You have to replenish your supply in order to turn it into energy in all these areas of life.  So, how are you feeding yourself?

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