Extending yourself

So, today the pigeon saga continued; actually hopefully, it came to an end.  The pigeon prevention process could not take place last Friday due to the wrong sized ladder.  Today was a different story.

First of all, there were no nests.  Thankfully, there aren’t any little baby pigeons on my conscious; although I was prepared for a teary morning (rats, I wanted to crack a few eggs).  Just a bunch of pigeon poop to clean up and some pigeon preventive wire to staple and glue in place.

The thing that was impressive was the use of the 22 foot extension ladder.  I helped Dennis (our pest dude, different from a pesky dude) get the ladder extended and upright and placed at the proper angle to the house.

It would be challenging for one guy to pull it off due to the uneven distribution of weight as you extend it.  There is more weight on the upper part creating a difficult balancing act for one person no matter how strong he or she is.  Ladders are great inventions allowing people to go to greater heights safely.  But, sometimes you still need someone holding the ladder.

Who is holding your ladder, emotionally and spiritually speaking?  You need helpers who can hold you steady as you attempt great heights.  Don’t go for those challenges without a “ladder holder.”


  1. Dorothy Shields

    great analogy….remember that it’s also important to be certain you set your ladder on solid ground….if your spot isn’t firm the ladder is going to shift and there is a real danger of falling!

  2. Mona

    This morning I was reading about those that carried a man up on top of a roof and lowered him in to Jesus. So you need a good ladder on solid ground with friends holding the ladder and friends to carry you up and then lower you down. Maybe the new “christian” joke could be how many christians does it take to change a light bulb, get rid of pigeons, get a friend on the roof etc!! LOL!!

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