Favorite flavors

Today, we took our friends from KC to Old Scottsdale.  Mary and I hadn’t been there yet ourselves and we all really enjoyed checking out the western atmosphere, the specialty shops, the historical significance.

I took a little time to check out a couple of art galleries.  I really liked one of the paintings of the western horizon showing the native Americans, the vibrant colors of an Arizona sky.  Now, if I could just come up with about $7,000 it will be mine.

But, I have to admit my favorite place to visit was the ol’ ice cream shop.  I loved the ice cream.  It was incredible!  I had a Strawberry Sundae and it was delicious.  I loved it so much that I licked the cup till it was totally gone.

I have to be honest.  I love ice cream of all kinds.  That includes specialty ice creams like pralines and cream and heavenly hash and mint chocolate chip.   I like the stuff you buy at the grocery store and the stuff you get at an ice cream shop.  Growing up, we used to eat ice milk.  I think it was cheaper and somehow better for you.  Not a big fan.  I would rather have the creamy stuff like frozen custard.

But even tough I like all kinds of ice cream, I think my favorite is plain ol’ vanilla with either chocolate sauce or strawberries on top; maybe a little bit of whip cream on top of that.  I used to like to mix the chocolate into the vanilla with my spoon until it is a creamy mess.  Wonderful stuff!

Here’s the deal: even if you like a bunch of stuff, you still have your favorites.  I think this applies to the most important things in our lives, including people.  It is OK to have a bunch of folks in our lives but we still need confidants, people who support us when the chips are down and people who tell us the truth no matter what.  We all need our version of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or strawberries on top.  Be sure to find and treasure yours!

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