Today, after an amazing worship service, we took our KC friends to eat at the famous Chino Bandido.  It is a crazy restaurant that feature Chinese/Mexican food combined in a very tasty way.  Everyone visiting here needs to head over there at least once. It is as much about the experience as it is the food.

Afterwards, we headed downtown and decided to go to another restaurant.  We needed a little dessert in the desert of course!  So, we thought a great place to hang out was the TGI Fridays Front Row Sports Grill at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium.  It is a cool field to check out even when baseball isn’t being played.  We were able to hang out and talk at this great stadium.

There is something about food and friends.  Something special happens when you sit around a table and chow on some food. It is really very biblical.  Some of the best things happened around tables filled with food.  Jesus spent time with his disciples, connected with the least of these, talked about the most important things in life, laughed and cried, and gave the last moments of his life with his friends; all with food involved.

We need to take seriously how much connection there is between food and fellowship and God.  He wants to be part of the most natural parts of our lives, including meal time.  So, grab some friends or family and make your way toward some grub!  And remember, God is in the middle of it all!

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  1. Mona

    This is why I love Wednesday nights at church so much!! Nothing like a family meal with all my loved ones!!

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