Good and tired!

I am so ready for bed.  It has been one of those exhausting days. However, it has been a really good day… I feel like I have been able to get a great deal done.  I also think I helped people today.  I picked up a good friend from the airport.  I finished my talk for Sunday. Got up super early and worked out. Good day!

I have other days when I am tired at the end of the day and don’t feel so hot.  I didn’t feel as if I accomplished a whole lot on those days.  My evaluation of those days is that I really didn’t make a real difference.   It was totally different from today.

The way I used to evaluate my day is by asking how much I did.  Now, I have learned that I should ask a totally different question:  Who did I love today?  Different question of course.  Its not that accomplishing stuff is a bad thing.  That is part of the reason I feel good today as I go to bed.  But, what takes it over the top is that I think I loved well!

Now, if I can just remember that tomorrow!  Good night, ya’ll!

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